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EEG (Energy Economics Group) - TUWien (Vienna University of Technology)

Vienna, Austria


RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico)

Milan, Italy


ITT (Institute for Research in Technology) - Comillas Pontifical University

Madrid, Spain

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WIP Renewable Energies

Munich, Germany


EnBW (EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG)

Karlsruhe, Germany



Dublin, Ireland

Organic Power

Organic Power

Cork, Ireland

Black Sea Energy Research Centre

BSERC (Black Sea Energy Research Centre)

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Electricity System Operator (ESO)

ESO (The Bulgarian Electricity System Operator)

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Institute for Energy and Transport (IET)

IET (Institute for Energy and Transport) - JRC (Joint Research Centre)

Petten, The Netherlands

EUREC (European Renewable Energy Research Centres) Agency

EUREC (The Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres)

Brussels, Belgium

TenneT TSO is the Dutch system operator for electricity


Arnhem, The Netherlands

Terna Rete Italia is the company belonging to the Terna Group that deals with the national electricity grid’s operation

Terna Rete Italia

Rome, Italy

Verbund is Austria's leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe.


Vienna, Austria

EEG (Energy Economics Group) is a department of the Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives at TUWien (Vienna University of Technology), Austria. The core fields of research of EEG are: (i) grid and market integration of renewable and new/smart energy technologies; (ii) energy modelling, energy market and scenario analyses; (iii) sustainable end-use energy efficiency system analyses; (iv) environmental economics and climate change; (iv) energy policy design. In the last 20 years, EEG has coordinated and carried out a variety of international and national research projects and energy policy studies for different clients.                                                                                                                         Contact: Hans Auer - auer (at)

RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico) S.p.A., owned by GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici, Italy), is a publicly-controlled research centre in the energy sector, with emphasis on experimental applications and the development of new strategic projects. RSE covers the following research areas: power system and grid, environment and sustainable development, power generation system and T&D technologies. The company’s core mission is to address the national energy, environmental and economic goals; it is also very active at the international level.                                                                                                                    Contact: Angelo L'Abbate - angelo.labbate (at)

Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid, Spain) is represented in this project by ITT (Institute for Research in Technology). IIT is a university institute devoted to research and training of researchers in technological fields related to the energy sector, with a focus on the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. IIT is Spain’s leading institution working on the development of integrated models for the operation and planning of electricity systems under deregulation, and has provided extensive international consultancy on electricity markets design and network regulation.                                                                                                                    Contact: Luis Olmos - olmos (at)

WIP Renewable Energies (Wirtschaft und Infrastruktur GmbH und Co. Planung KG, based in Munich, Germany) has been active in the clean energy and environmental sectors for over three decades, working with both industrial and public sector clients at the international level. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between research and implementation of sustainable energy systems. WIP’s interdisciplinary team of professionals provides expertise and consultancy services to improve the performance of sustainable energy systems and to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency.                                                                                 Contact: Michael Papapetrou - michael.papapetrou (at)

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is one of the largest energy companies in Germany and Europe. EnBW generates, trades in, transports and sells energy and operates in the fields of electricity and gas, as well as energy and environmental services. The aim is to achieve sustainable and profitable growth with a balanced business portfolio and smart energy solutions. In addition to the use of conventional energies, the increase in energy efficiency and expansion of renewable energies play an important role in the company’s work.                                                                                                                      Contact: Bernhard Heyder - b.heyder (at)

EirGrid plc is the Irish Transmission System Operator, dedicated to the provision of transmission and market services for the benefit of electricity consumers. It is a state-owned commercial company. EirGrid is committed to delivering high quality services to all customers, including generators, suppliers and consumers across the high voltage electricity system and via the efficient operation of the wholesale power market. It puts in place the grid infrastructure needed to support competition in energy, promote economic growth, facilitate more renewable energy, and provide essential services.                                                                                                Contact: Andrea Mansoldo - andrea.mansoldo (at)

Organic Power Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 and it is based in Ireland. The company’s vision is that by deploying tailored technology solutions to harness specific renewable energy resources, on a profitable project by project basis, humanity can enjoy sustainable use of energy decoupled from effects on climate. The polygeneration technology mix proposed by Organic Power includes: (i) wind power, (ii) pumped hydro electrical storage, and (iii) combined heat and power from agricultural biomass by-products. The company’s vision is embodied in the MAREX (Mayo Atlantic Renewable Energy eXport) project, in which the polygeneration concept is implemented in practice.                                                                                                     Contact: Maurice McCarthy - maurice (at)

BSERC (Black Sea Energy Research Centre) is a NGO in public interest founded in 2007 as a successor of the Black Sea Regional Energy Centre (BSREC), established in 1995 at the initiative of the European Commission and the countries of the Black Sea Region. The main objectives of BSERC are (i) harmonization of the energy legislation of BSR countries with EU legislation; (ii) security of energy supply; (iii) promotion of renewable energy and climate protection; (iv) energy efficiency and rational use of energy; (v) networking and dissemination of energy-related information. BSERC (and BSREC) has been involved in a number of EU projects.                                                                                                                                          Contact: Lulin Radulov - radulov (at)

The Electricity System Operator (ESO) is the Bulgarian TSO and performs the general operational planning, coordination and control of the electrical power system of Bulgaria, as well as its common operation with the electrical power systems of other countries. ESO provides for the operation, maintenance and reliable functioning of the power transmission network, keeps and maintains the auxiliary networks, carries out maintenance activities and services in the field of the energy sector. The company implements transit of electricity and is also responsible for the electricity market.                                                                                                                Contact: Andrey Andreev - aandreev (at)

The Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) is part of the Directorate General Joint Research Centre (DG JRC), the scientific and technical arm of the European Commission. Its mission is to provide support to policy development in the fields of sustainable, safe, secure and efficient energy production, distribution and use. JRC serves as a reference centre of science and technology for the European institutions, offering high level state-of-the-art facilities and expertise to support EU industries. The Smart Electricity Systems team (or Action, as it is officially named) is part of the Energy Security Unit in the JRC Institute for Energy and Transport, located both in Petten (NL) and Ispra (IT). The Smart Electricity Systems team, acting as European Commission’s in-house consultant, performs independent scientific research and supports EU policy-making on transformations towards smarter electricity systems.                                                                                                                Contact: Silvia Vitiello - silvia.vitiello (at)

EUREC (The Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres) is a Brussels-based European association connecting fifty leading research centres and university departments active in the field of renewable energy technology. EUREC members’ research fields include all renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, storage, distribution, and integration. EUREC Agency has gained extensive experience in the management of European co-funded projects, as well as in communication, dissemination, and training activities.                                                                                                    Contact: Paola Mazzucchelli - mazzucchelli.p (at)

TenneT is the Dutch system operator for electricity. TenneT is responsible for the operation of electricity transmission grids within the Netherlands, as well as cross-border interconnection grids. TenneT facilitates market activities by maintaining the energy balance between supply and demand. Its main activities include the operation of the energy market, promoting the development of a sustainable market, conducting auctions of cross-border transmission capacity, building and management of interconnectors.                                                                                                        Contact: Kees Jansen - kees.jansen (at)

Terna Rete Italia is the company belonging to the Terna Group that deals with the national electricity grid’s operation, maintenance and development, fully respecting the environment and communities. As a grid management and transmission operator, Terna Rete Italia safely manages energy flows along 63,500 km of HV lines of the Italian electricity system, ensures the continuity of the electricity supply in the country and is responsible for energy dispatching, namely for safely managing the balance between electricity supply and demand in Italy.                                                                                                            Contact: Chiara Vergine - chiara.vergine (at)

Verbund is Austria's leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe. Almost all of the electricity demand coming from the entirety of Austrian private households is covered by Verbund's Danube power plants alone. Verbund is active in the areas of electricity generation, trade, transmission and sales, and places great value on sustainability. Operating activities are concentrated in subsidiaries with different focuses and tasks, including several major research projects.                                                                                            Contact: Gerd Schauer - gerd.schauer (at)

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